*** SAD ANNOUNCEMENT *** Due to the City of Boston rollback to Phase II Step II, our adorable little screening room is closed for bookings until further notice. We will miss the families, the dates, the chances to get out of the house, and, yes, the revenue. We’ll keep figuring it out, and completely understand the rollback given the significant influx of cases and hospitalizations over the past month. But if you have a chance to snag some VU merch, a gift card, or a special bakery order, it would be very much appreciated. Watch out for the snow and keep that mask on in the meantime.
Private Events Are (Kinda) Back at The VU!

While the weekly screenings we put on for the past few years will remain sidelined for the foreseeable future, we’re bringing back something else that’s been unfortunately dormant since March: private events. Things will obviously run differently than they did in the past, but we’re now accepting booking inquiries with the following parameters in place that reflect city and state regulations.


– All events require a primary booker who will provide names and contact information for all guests, a photo ID, and a credit/debit card to put on file.

– All parties must contain no more than 6 individuals.

– Persons not sharing a household must maintain a six foot distance from one another while seated.

– All attendees must wear masks at all times.

– No food or drink can be consumed on site.


Base Charge for All Events:

– $25 (waived if event is booked by an active media subscriber).

Additional Hourly Charge:

– During store operating hours – $30/hr

– After store operating hours – $50/hr

Additional variable costs may include title acquisition, early/late start times, and special equipment usage.


– The VU will abide by CDC guidelines for safety and sanitation before, during, and after events.

– All screening attendees will be asked to sign a current health waiver and to provide their name and contact information should the need for contact tracing arise.

*** Please email TheVUinJP@gmail.com with booking requests and any questions ***