Sure, we’ve been teasing this out for awhile now, but we go to great lengths to “not pull the biscuits before they’re fully cooked” literally or figuratively. So with that, The VU‘s big announcement is that we’re … getting a WAY bigger coffee roaster to roast WAY more coffee. How much bigger? Big enough that we’re going to have to close for a week to place it into the room, have it professionally installed, and get it up and running for production. More specifically, The VU will close at 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 4th and reopen at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, June 13th. No screening events will take place during this time, media subscriptions will be adjusted accordingly, and normal hours of operation will resume on the 13th. As always, apologies for any inconveniences, and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime. Stay tuned for more info on this WAY big project, what it means for you as treasured VU customer, and how it WAY shapes our plans for the future.


For the entire month of May, every $5 worth of VU gift cards you purchase will give you one entry into The VU Personal Film Festival Raffle, giving you a chance to win a FREE and fully-catered personal film festival here at The VU. What’s a “personal film festival,” you ask? It’s a full day for yourself and up to 20 other people in our screening room. Watch whatever you want with whomever you want on a day of your choosing. And, of course, we’ll be providing you with whatever you’d like in terms of food and drink from our regular event offerings (i.e. flatbread pizzas, fruit/veggie trays, dessert items, etc.). The winner will be announced during a live drawing on the evening of Sunday, June 4th.

– The Details –

– Gift cards can be purchased in any amount either online or in person. Any gift cards purchased in the month of May will enter you into the raffle automatically with the purchaser being the entrant.
– Gift cards purchased as part of the raffle can be spent at any time like any other gift card.
– Every $5 worth of gift card purchases results in one entry into the raffle. So a $20 gift card would provide four entries, a $50 gift card would provide ten entries, and so on.
– Each raffle entry will correspond to a number that will either be noted on a physical gift card or emailed to the purchaser via the address associated with the online gift card purchase. Numbers will also be kept on file at the shop for reference and record.
– Gift cards purchased for other people will still have the purchaser listed as the raffle entrant.
– Raffle prizes are non-transferable and the winner must be in attendance at the event.
– The live drawing will consist of a random number being generated and the person whose gift card corresponds to that number being declared the winner. A full list of entrant numbers, raffle numbers, and purchase amounts will be available upon request at the end of the raffle, as well.
– All details related to the prize and subsequent event will be discussed after the conclusion of the raffle.
– General VU screening room guidelines will still apply to the raffle event.

– Please direct any other questions or concerns you might have to